Sochi 2014 Volunteers meet athletics stars in Moscow

6 august 2013

Approximately two thousand Sochi 2014 volunteers will take part in the staging of the World Athletics Championships, which will be held in Moscow from 10-18 August. This sporting event is an ideal opportunity for Sochi 2014 volunteers to demonstrate their knowledge, hone their team-working skills, meet friends, and, of course, prepare for the Sochi Games.

During the Championships, volunteers will meet athletes at the airports and train stations, assist during hotel check-in and receiving accreditation, and accompany athletes during training, competitions and excursions around Moscow. Volunteers have received special training, including detailed information about athletic sports, championship guests and rules of response tailored to different situations.

In their free time, volunteers are going to attend track and field competitions, play football and volleyball, and take walks around Moscow. They will also receive branded gear as a souvenir.

Sochi 2014 volunteer, Karina Subbotina, comments:

"Volunteering is very interesting: There are always new things to experience, new people to meet and new emotions to feel. Volunteering allows you to practice your languages and skills and is a good way of testing your resistance to stress. The World Athletics Championships is a special event, above all because it is being held in Russia. Thus, as a volunteer, you try to showcase your country in the best possible way, and to show that kind, cheerful and friendly people live here. Volunteers in Sochi will have the same objective".

Along with Sochi 2014 volunteers, those from the Government of Moscow and the Russian Athletics Federation will assist at the Championships.

Notes to the Editor

The XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi have given an impetus for reviving the Volunteer Movement in Russia, set to be one of the most important aspects of the Games Legacy. The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee successfully managed to select 25,000 volunteers. The Organizing Committee received a total of approximately 200,000 requests and thus 8 people were competing for one place.

The active and experienced Sochi 2014 volunteers, many of whom were at the London Games, the Test Events in Sochi and the Universiade in Kazan, responded with enthusiasm to the proposition to work at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow.

According to a study conducted by World Giving Index, Russia was among the top ten countries in terms of the number of people engaged in volunteer work for the first time ever in the year 2012.

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