Volunteers: to your desks!

Organization and staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games must be done by a team of professionals: people with specialized skills and knowledge. Volunteering at the Games is not only an honorable mission, but also a great responsibility. The overall success of the project depends on the quality and effectiveness of each volunteer. In this connection, all volunteers for the Games will undergo training, consisting of several stages.

Stage One: General training course

The general training course for Sochi 2014 volunteers working at the Games will be held at all the Volunteer Centers across the country from March to June 2013. The duration of the course is only three days, during which volunteers will learn about the history and values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the features of the Olympic and Paralympic sports. Specially qualified trainers will tell volunteers about the sports tracks and venues located in the Coastal and Mountain clusters. Classes held in the framework of the module will be conducted in a fun, interactive way, so participants can easily remember the theoretical material covered.

Stage Two: My Work

From September to December 2013, all Games volunteers will take the "My Work" course. At the functional training course, volunteers will get an idea of the role and objectives of the specific functional areas at the Games, as well as the rules of work in this function. Volunteers will acquire the professional knowledge and skills necessary for the effective performance of their duties at the Games.

Stage Three: My Venue

The last stage of the training is entitled "My Venue" and will be held immediately before the Games in January-March 2014. Volunteers will hear a preliminary briefing in person at the Olympic venue where they will be working during the Games. During an interactive fascinating tour of the Olympic constructions, volunteers will hear about the history of the venue and its features. Volunteers will also be able to meet the venue team. After training, volunteers will be able to easily navigate around the site and know all its secret routes.

We will provide all volunteers with the necessary teaching materials that can be found on the Games volunteers portal at: https://volunteer.sochi2014.com.

The Games Organizing Committee has specific requirements regarding English proficiency level. In 2014, sports fans, representatives of the media and numerous professional athletes from around the world will gather in Sochi. Volunteers should easily find a common language with them and help them navigate around venues. In order to improve their English, all volunteers will have access to a unique distance learning program: Winter Games English. The program includes 36 lessons on the Olympic and Paralympic Winter disciplines. During the lessons on sport, students will familiarize themselves with the names of equipment of various disciplines, learn competition rules, as well as the specifics of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014.