Who are the volunteers for the Sochi 2014 games

"Volunteers are true Olympians, who have entered into the spirit of the Olympic Games" - that is what the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, had to say about these unsung heroes.

The volunteer comes from the Latin word for "one who is willing", i.e. someone who is prepared to help of his or her own accord, with no thought of getting any material reward for their labour and their assistance.

The volunteers that take part in preparing or staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games are known as Olympic volunteers or Games volunteers.

Accompanying delegations, setting up information points inside hotels or at sports venues, filling in accreditation forms, helping at stadiums when events are underway, ensuring the transport system runs smoothly - it is volunteers that do all this, and plenty more besides. Volunteers help create that special Olympic atmosphere; they are the face of the Games.

There is a common misconception that Olympic volunteers are usually schoolchildren, students, and people under 25 years of age. But it's not difficult to debunk this myth - we need only point out that the average age of a volunteer at the Vancouver Games was 44. The working population and those who are retired can also be active members of the Olympic Volunteer Movement!

An agreement is entered into with each volunteer for the Games, setting out the forms of cooperation with the Organizing Committee for the Games, along with each side's mutual obligations. The Organizing Committee will provide the volunteers with hot food during their shift, a uniform, and lay on transport between the Olympic venues in the host city for the Games.

Volunteers are going to be recruited and selected by Volunteer Centres set up inside 26 of the country' educational institutions. The Volunteer Centres are spread right throughout Russia - from St Petersburg to Vladivostok and from Archangelsk to Sochi.

Anyone can apply to join the Sochi 2014 volunteer team - after all, it will be 25,000 strong at the Games!